Reviews of Our Three Top Pick Design Firms

Solostream – Easy Themes for Every Use

A Solostream Premium Theme Review Solostream is one of the companies we have personal experience with.  We have used the Solostream theme MediaMag on one of our websites. It’s easy, it’s stylish.  It is a good looking website. Sometimes you just want a good solid dependable WordPress blog, so you can focus on the content […]

StudioPress Themes for WordPress – Multifaceted Turn-Key Designs to Maximize Your Blog

StudioPress Themes Review Have you ever looked at someone’s website and thought, “Wow, I wish my site or blog looked like that?” Well, as long as you have your own domain and web hosting that allows installation of the WordPress application, you can customize your site with StudioPress WordPress themes.

DIY Themes – Doing More With Your WordPress Blog To Stand Out

A DIY Themes Review UPDATE:  In the first week of October, 2012, DIYThemes released their new Thesis 2.0 system.  Read our new DIYThemes review, DIYThemes – Thesis 2.0 Could Be a Game Changer. UPDATE:   On October 1, 2012, DIYthemes is releasing Thesis 2.0.  This will create huge changes in the way DIY Thesis works.  Pricing and options […]


Sensei WooThemes Plugin Creates Online Classrooms

What is Sensei? Sensei is a terrific plugin that integrates with WordPress, enabling you to create and sell online courses.  Also known as a “Learning Management” plugin, this WooThemes plugin is an invaluable tool for teaching on your website. Have we used this plugin yet? No.  It came out recently and we just got it. […]

The Akismet Plugin Is Spam Smashing at its Best

There are hundreds and thousands of plugins to sort through and it’s hard to know which ones to use.   We don’t expect you to use all of the plugins we suggest, but the Akismet plugin is one that we always have on our WordPress blogs. This is one of the most popular plugins in the […]

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Security for Your Blog

What Is SiteLock and Do You Need It?

SiteLock is a comprehensive website security service. We have it for our sites.  But be sure to read the “The Downside” and “The Bottom Line” sections below before you make any decisions. It offers a variety of features to protect your site and business from hackers, malware, and more.  Things that every site owner wants. […]

Play it Safe – Let Sucuri Guard Your Website

We were pretty much unaware of Sucuri until we began to notice many timthumb 404 codes appearing in our cpanel statistics.  We’d seen it and maybe had heard about it, but didn’t pay much attention. After posting a job on Elance to take care of the problem, our contractor informed us that we had a […]

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How To Guides

How to Use MarketSamurai For the First Time

How We Use Market Samurai I’m going to show you how we use MarketSamurai to check out what keywords to use, and we’ll go step by step. MarketSamurai is a great keyword analysis tool, but it can be a bit intimidating the first few times you use it.  You actually have to fill in some […]

How to Set Up Your First AWeber Subscriber List

AWeber the Autoresponder If you’re reading this as a post, I’m going to introduce you to how you can set up Aweber for email subscribers. If you’re reading this in your email, you have subscribed to our email newsletter list that is handled by AWeber Communications. AWeber offers email marketing software that, among other things, […]

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Start and Optimize Your Blog

Four Ways to Create New Content from Old

Content, new content, quality content is essential for keeping your blog current and interesting to your readers and to the search engines. An effective method of boosting the volume of content and driving new traffic to your site is to recycle old content with a fresh new spin. If you look back over some of […]

How To Write A Good Post

NOTE:  Rebecca is a professional writer we know.  I asked her to create an article on tips from a professional writer on how to go about writing.  We’ve already written about what makes a good blog post in our post 7 Tips on How to Write a Great Blog Post That People Will Read .  […]

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6 Reasons To Choose BlueHost Hosting For Your Website

More people are moving into running web-based businesses to bring in income or just to blog to express themselves.  No matter whether you are online for business or pleasure, you need to decide on which provider you want to use to host your site.   The 16-year-old provider known as BlueHost hosting is one of the […]

BlueHost Review – Take the Guessing Out of Hosting Your Website

A BlueHost Review If you’ve been reading our posts, you know that we use BlueHost hosting for our blogs. Why are we using it? The price is low, the cPanel is easy to understand, we have had no trouble with it, and if we have questions, they have great support with native English speaking people. […]

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Blogger Health

Small Workout Equipment For Bloggers

I’m all about making it easy for me to work out instead of turning into a pudgy blogger. The farther away I have to go to get some fitness work in, the less likely I am to do anything.  Or at least that’s the way it’s been for the past year. There are three pieces […]

Win TV Work Day Workout For Blogger Health

Who’s getting soft and out of shape, working at her computer? Me! I keep looking for exercise programs or workout equipment that will fit easily into a manically focused blogging day. Our daughter, the massage therapist, found a really good work day workout by Win TV posted on Facebook. I’ve written it out for you […]

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