Creating Page Designs and Landing Pages with Thesis 2.0

Landing Page Creation Thesis 2.0Here is the fourth article in our series on what is different about the new DIYThemes Thesis 2.0. You can read our full review article on this page.

One of the selling points of Thesis 2.0 is that you are able to create a wide variety of pages within the system, allowing you to build a website with a large breadth of content and flexibility.

Page designs done with Thesis are simple enough to wrap one’s head around, and we’ll have a look at the specifics below.

If you are looking to drive sales or promote your site through a landing page, Thesis 2.0 promises higher conversion rates when you use their page design and SEO tools, included with the package at no extra cost.

The people at DIYthemes also stress the way the code is created by the framework, and the importance of clean, semantic code that search engines understand and rank highly. All pages created with Thesis 2.0 are optimized in this way with no thought at all on the part of the user.

What Is A Customized Page Template?

If you have a website with diverse content, you may not always want the same look and feel for all of your pages. In some cases it will be a lot better to give specific areas of your site unique looks, or at least tweak things a little bit to better suit the type of content on display.

It can be something as simple as removing the sidebar on certain pages, to allow for a wider page area better suited to the content, or to highlight the content and create the feeling that it is almost a website of its own.

With Thesis 2.0 this is a very simple thing to do. You don’t have to create an entirely separate website just to showcase another type of content. You can simply tell the skin editor that you want one specific page to have these changes, with the easy and intuitive drag-and-drop interface that now makes up the Thesis skinning engine.

Better Conversion Rates with Landing Pages

One of the best uses of customized page templates is in creating landing pages, which are especially useful if you are selling a product, or running a specific ad campaign to help promote your website.

Make Landing Page with 2.0

You can create a customized page template to really show off the content you want users to see when they first arrive at your website, like an extended advertisement for whatever products or services you offer. These types of landing pages do a great job of making a first impression and getting a user interested in exactly what you want them to see.

Why do landing pages made with Thesis 2.0 boast better than average conversion rates? It’s a lofty claim, but there is some evidence to back it up. The very nature of Thesis is to create high-converting, optimized pages, and the way the code is generated is specifically aimed at scoring well with Google and other search engines. Any page built with SEO as a part of its very architecture is going to give you an advantage.

In The End, It’s All About You

Whether you believe that the code itself is going to give you a clear edge, it is certainly great to start with intelligent and optimized code on your side. DIYthemes has done a great job of ensuring that the new Thesis is at the ready and prepared to work for you.

However, the most important thing here is the simple fact that Thesis 2.0 makes it so easy to create custom page templates for things like landing pages, and in theory this means you will be more likely to make use of that opportunity. Hopefully you will take advantage of those features and make the most out of Thesis 2.0.

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