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A DIY Themes Review

UPDATE:  In the first week of October, 2012, DIYThemes released their new Thesis 2.0 system.  Read our new DIYThemes reviewDIYThemes – Thesis 2.0 Could Be a Game Changer.

UPDATE:   On October 1, 2012, DIYthemes is releasing Thesis 2.0.  This will create huge changes in the way DIY Thesis works.  Pricing and options will be changing some time after the upgrade, and we have been warned that DIY does not do sales.  So, if you are considering buying a DIY option, now is the time to do it.  Here is our September 28, 2012 post on Thesis 2.0

There’s nothing more frustrating than surfing the web, finding another’s website and thinking, “That looks amazing- why can’t my site look like that?”  Especially if it’s a competitor, there’s nothing like this experience that will make you want to hire a professional web designer.

The online design community has changed quite a bit – especially for businesses. The invention of WordPress and blogging sites has allowed many businesses and even hobbyists to create very attractive websites without hiring expensive designers or spending hours programming.  Using a framework like DIY Themes makes it even easier to get a great looking and very functional site up and running.

A great way to get a fantastic looking site is to use WordPress for your content and customize its look with a customizable WordPress theme.  A well-designed premium theme can revolutionize your site and its content.  Themes are comprehensive design packages that coordinate your graphics, layout and much more with a specialized framework:

  • Security: Well designed themes come with framework structure that increases the security of your blog against hackers, cookies, worms and viruses
  • Search engine optimization: Framework themes add features to your site, including the ability to optimize meta-data and keywords to boost your site rankings
  • Automatic updates: The Internet is constantly changing.  Framework themes allow you to receive updates to your themes security, graphics and even WordPress upgrades

One of the best Framework sites out there is DIY Themes, which comes with the “Thesis” framework that maximizes your blogs and site’s potential.

DIY Themes comes with two parts: the Thesis framework and the premium WordPress theme itself, which has the graphics and finely tuned design elements.  Both are easy to install and are automatically incorporated into your WordPress.

Why Choose DIY Themes Over Free Themes?

DIY Themes are unique from free themes.  They’re paid-for premium WordPress themes which come with the Internet-renowned “Thesis” framework.  Basically, when you buy a DIY theme, you are actually getting two parts:

  • Thesis framework: The skeleton of your site layout and search engine optimization rests within the Thesis framework.  This is what integrates all parts of your site.
  • Theme: This is the visual part that focuses on fonts, graphics and visual clarity.

Thesis is different from free themes, which use the WordPress framework.  Thesis provides:

  • Search engine optimization: Tired of placing low in Google rankings?  Optimizing your meta-data and content will boost your ratings in a matter of days from installing your Thesis theme.
  • Layout generator: Bored with your site design or frustrated at its layout?  Thesis comes with a layout generator that automatically reformats your site! Experimenting with this can give you more efficient-looking site.
  • Font controls: Alongside the layout generator, quickly change fonts and color schemes to get the maximum visual clarity on your WordPress.
  • Award-winning customer support: A special members-only support forum and 24/7 customer support team is ready to help you with all your Thesis questions. Never be stumped alone!

Free themes won’t give you any of the above features.  Your WordPress is often the first site your customers will see.  Why skimp on your storefront?  After all, in business, “first impressions mean everything”.  Thesis will impress your customers and save you time to create a groundbreaking, visually appealing website.

Is Installation Complicated?

To use Thesis, all you need is the following:

  • Your own domain
  • A web hosting service that allows you to install the WordPress application to your domain

When you buy a premium WordPress theme from DIY Themes, you will receive all the files you need to upload into your WordPress directory.  You’ll also receive comprehensive installation directions. Basically, installation works like this:

  • Download the files you receive from DIY Themes after you purchase your package
  • Go into your file manager on your web hosting service
  • Navigate to the file folder “wp-content/” in your home directory
  • Create a “themes” folder, if needed, and upload all files to this directory
  • Ensure your theme you purchased has a file folder under “wp-content/themes/”, where you will find your graphics and coding for your theme itself

Installing a DIY Theme and the Thesis framework is easier than setting up your email, home network or installing an application on your computer.  Most users will have no problem using Thesis.  If you get stuck, you have full access to the Members-Only forum and the documentation website that walks you through everything.

How Can I Purchase Thesis and a DIY Theme?

There are a few options to purchase a theme from DIY Themes.  Many options are less than $100, which is perfect for hobbyists and small businesses on a budget.

DIY Themes Developer Option has many benefits, especially for those with more than one WordPress or clients who update their WordPress:

  • Unlimited installation of Thesis WordPress theme on any number of sites- as long as you own them.
  • Flexibility with clients allows you to deploy Thesis even on sites that are updated by employees or fellow hobbyists and family members.
  • First access to new beta versions of Thesis and themes you’ve purchased
  • Unlimited access to upgrades to the Thesis framework which protects your business from future price increases

If you’re on a budget, the personal options allows:

  • Use of Thesis WordPress theme on a single website
  • Can upgrade to Developer Option at discounted price anytime in the future
  • Access to future upgrades for Thesis and your theme

Browse the themes available at DIY Themes ( and see what themes you love. When you’re ready to buy your theme, it’s very easy to do. Once you’ve decided which package is best for your needs, you need to navigate to the main page and enter your details.

Once you’ve purchased your option, you are free to select one or many (depending on the package you bought) themes to download.  Downloading your theme is very easy- they come with all the files you need instantly from their website.

After you’ve installed your theme, you’ll find a new dashboard option called “Thesis” on the left hand of your WordPress dashboard.  From there, open your Thesis options and you can customize almost any part of your theme seamlessly and within a matter of seconds:

The “Thesis” framework is known for its edgy design and technique.  Even the save button is labeled “Big Ass Save Button”, a tongue-in-cheek reminder that you practically can’t miss saving your theme and losing all your work!  Picture credit

Why Should I Trust Thesis and DIY Themes?

When you purchase a DIY Theme and accompanying Thesis framework, you’re investing a good deal of programming and design into your WordPress without having to hire an expensive programmer and designer. You also receive top-notch customer service in case you get stumped or have problems.

You also receive DIY Theme’s 30-day guarantee whenever you buy from them. If you end up hating your theme or not being able to install it successfully (which has not happened before in the history of Thesis), you can always get your money back- hassle-free without question.

With so much at stake in your site, why would you ever trust any other theme provider?  For a low investment, you can get one of the best industry themes in the Internet-world.

Customers all over the Internet have raved over the ease of Thesis’ use and installation.  For a novice web designer or blogger, Thesis is like the “clouds parting and angels singing” when it comes to creating a great-looking website.  In a competitive blogging world, Thesis can DIY Themes can set you apart from the rest.

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