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StudioPress Themes Review

StudioPress Themes for WordPressHave you ever looked at someone’s website and thought, “Wow, I wish my site or blog looked like that?” Well, as long as you have your own domain and web hosting that allows installation of the WordPress application, you can customize your site with StudioPress WordPress themes.

These premium themes are a great way to enhance your existing WordPress and give your site a streamlined, professional look.

As I write this, I’m using their Lifestyle Theme to build this WordPress blog.

Starting from square one, a theme is basically a site-wide design that coordinates your blog.  Themes combine the best of both worlds of color and visual arts to deliver impacting actionable blogs. A great theme provides legitimacy to your blog – your customers and readers are left feeling like you care about your site and your content is unique and valid.

If you have a WordPress blog, chances are you’ve grown bored with the run of the mill “themes” that are available.  Or, perhaps you didn’t know that otherethemes are available. provides many themes for your site, but here’s the problem with them: too many people are using those themes.

When you choose a “free” theme, chances are there are thousands of other sites using that same theme.  What will your customers and readers think when they stumble upon your blog and it looks just like a blog they came from?  They won’t respect your site and you definitely won’t stand out from the crowd of thousands of blogs.

Paid Themes: Are They Worth It?

You never want to skimp on your business or personal appearance.  Your WordPress “storefront” is the same way.  But there’s even more that WordPress can provide such as Search Engine Optimization,  and a paid theme is the best way to take advantage of all that WordPress can offer.  One of the best resources for a paid theme is StudioPress, available at

Here are just a few reasons why this premium theme is different than the rest.

As a professional blogger myself, I have tried many different products, widgets and themes for my blog.  One of the most challenging parts of customizing WordPress is trying to decipher the complicated instructions for “installing” themes.  StudioPress recognized this early in the game and has since created a very simple installation procedure.

StudioPress WordPress themes are comprised of two parts:

  • Genesis Framework – This is the “skeleton” of your theme.  This provides the structure and the great features that StudioPress WordPress themes are sought after for among business owners, professional bloggers and hobbyists.
  • Child Theme – This is the visual portion of your WordPress theme.  It uses the Genesis framework to seamlessly integrate the total of your site.

Best of all, when you buy a StudioPress WordPress theme, all you need to do is download a .zip file and upload to your WordPress interface.  Delivery is as simple as a download from their website or the complimentary email you receive with the files!

Who is StudioPress Designed For and What’s So Special About Them?

StudioPress WordPress themes and the Genesis framework is designed for anyone who writes on WordPress and has their own web hosting that allows the installation of custom WordPress themes.

The special features that I like include:

  • Themes are search engine optimized (i.e. SEO).  With a well-optimized site, you’ll see your search engine ranking jump within days of first use.
  • Constant updates are free and automatic.  If you are worried about changes in security and upgrades, StudioPress themes are automatically updated without any action on your part.
  • Finely attuned security features keep your blog safe and sound from hackers.  As security changes, your theme will be automatically updated for continuously improving security.
  • Unlimited support.  If you get stuck on anything from installation to deactivation, their programmers and developers will help you.
  • Unlimited use.  Let’s say you change your WordPress blog to a different domain.  Your StudioPress Genesis Theme can be transferred and re-installed as many times as you want!
  • Package deals available.  Let’s say you’re a power blogger, or you have an industry where your employees blog on their own sites.  With a package deal from StudioPress, you can get access to all 44 turn-key themes and any future themes they create.

Maximum Customization No Matter What

StudioPress WordPress themes are delivered instantly online and to your email once you buy them from their fully encrypted, safe and secure website.

In my experience, I have never been overcharged, and I’ve always gotten my themes within minutes of purchase.  Installation, especially with WordPress automatic installation, is a snap and within five minutes I’m using my new theme.

Best of all, StudioPress guarantees that their themes are “turn-key” designs.  What exact does this mean?  It’s quite simple:

  • Your existing layout will be automatically imported and matched to the new theme’s design
  • Links and text will be preserved no matter what layout you choose
  • Integration will be seamless and require little to no manual editing

Who does turn-key work for?  Everyone – even experienced programmers!  A great business quote is, “Work smarter, not harder”.  Turn-key designs allow you to quickly change your WordPress with no sweat on your part.  Better yet, you can change the layout to many different styles using the Genesis framework without big headaches.

I Don’t Have Programming Experience – Could StudioPress Be For Me Too?

Even if you don’t know a lick about programming or web hosting FTP sites, don’t worry!  As long as you have your own domain with a web hosting service that has allowed you to install WordPress on your domain, you’re set.

To install your new theme, all you need to do is this:

  • Go to “Appearance” and the Manage Themes tab will appear.
  • Click “Install Themes”.  Upload the .zip file that StudioPress provided to you after your purchase.
  • Upload your theme and go back to “Manage Themes”.
  • Your theme and Genesis framework is now available.

Installing your StudioPress customizable WordPress theme is easier than installing an application on your computer, using Excel or even setting up your email!

This is what your manage themes interface looks like after you’ve installed your Genesis WordPress theme and Child Theme.  Note how your Child Theme will appear at the top with the Genesis framework featured at the bottom.

Studiopress Manage Themes


Just How Do I Buy Both Genesis and a Child Theme?

When searching through the StudioPress customizable WordPress themes, you’ll probably find one or two that you absolutely love.

There are three ways to purchase a StudioPress Premium WordPress theme in 2012:

  • Purchase a Child Theme – Directly purchase the theme you love.  The Genesis framework comes with it.  Note well – If you’ve bought a theme from StudioPress in the past, all you have to do is buy the Child Theme, usually at a very low price!
  • Purchase a Pro Package – This gives you access to all 44 turn-key themes
  • Purchase Genesis only – If you want the ultimate in customizing your own theme, then you can purchase the Genesis framework alone to maximum the ease of your customization, security and SEO.

With a Pro Package, you’re guaranteeing your access to even future themes that StudioPress creates!

Remember, you only have to purchase the “Genesis” framework once.  Most “Child Themes” are available for around $25 if you’ve already bought Genesis.

StudioPress is one of the top ways you can design a multifaceted website in no time and draw more people to your site.  Isn’t it time that your site is the one that everyone wants to own?

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