How to Install a WordPress Theme – 8 Easy Steps

The first step of starting out with WordPress is setting it all up and unlike other CMS systems, WordPress is the easiest to set-up.  After setting up the basic WordPress installation, you have to install a WordPress theme.

Themes are the fastest way to have your website wonderfully designed and fully functional at the same time.

Check out our reviews of themes from StudioPress and GeneratePress Theme, these themes  have some of the most beginner-friendly and beautifully designed themes available.

To some installing themes might be both an exciting and scary prospect at the same time. Exciting because you know you’re about to get involved in creating something new, scary because you might be scared of failing or “breaking” something.

What if you go ahead and try and  nothing works?  What if you do something and your entire website stops working?  If you’re in this state of mind, relax. 

Learning is a gradual process and once you install your first theme, you’ll get the hang of it and learn to switch themes at will depending on what works for you.

WordPress was made to be easy to use.  That’s why it’s the most popular CMS out there which thousands of beginners to the world of self-publishing and the Internet can’t do without.

And you’ll do fine if you simply follow instructions right from the start.

Don’t know how to install a WordPress theme?  The only time you go wrong with WordPress, is when you fail to read instructions or rather you skim through everything you read and rush into it

Setting up your new WordPress theme should take 5 to 10 minutes assuming you follow all the instructions here and have already purchased a theme to use.

Install a WordPress Theme

It may surprise you, but installing a WordPress theme is incredibly easy if you follow these 8 simple steps:

Step #1 – Sign into your WordPress Dashboard

The first step is for you to login to your WordPress Dashboard. If you are unsure where to do this simply add /wp-admin/ at the end of your domain to access the login page.

Step #2 – Click on “Appearance”

Next locate and then ‘click’ on the “Appearance” link in the left-hand menu:

Step #3 – Click on “Add New”

After Clicking on the appearance, click on the ”theme” button and then, Your next step is to locate and ‘click’ on the “Add New” button as shown below:

Step #4 -Click on “Upload Theme”

You can Search your favorite theme and install from library, or you can upload your theme, To Upload the theme, click on the “Upload” link as shown here:

Step #5 – Click on the “Choose File”

Go ahead now and ‘click’ on the “Choose File” button to access your computer’s hard drive:

Step #6 – Locate Your Theme on Your Computer’s Hard Drive

Your next step is to locate your theme’s .zip file on your hard drive and ‘click’ save .

Step #7 – Click on the “Install Now”

You can now ‘click’ on the “Install Button” as shown in the screenshot below:

Step #8 – Click on “Activate”

Your final step is to ‘click’ on the “Activate” button and your theme will be activated!

And congratulations you are all done!  🙂

Once you’ve gotten your first theme up you can then take a look at it live to see whether its exactly what you want. Something you should know is that you often have to post your content for the themes to look like they do in their demos. Without doing this you might feel your theme does not display properly when this might not be the case.

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